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One hundred years in business is a long time for any company to be in existence, let alone surpassing it! A family business known as Schuler's Restaurant and Pub in Marshall, Michigan has even surpassed that!  Schuler's Restaurant offers fine dining and a pub offering memorable atmosphere.

Is there a special recipe that has led to this achievement? Hans Schuler, third generation president and CEO, likes to recite his father's admonition when coaching Hans and his staff members on the vagaries of running a restaurant, "Don't get too smart," with what you are trying to accomplish.

Other than that, it's paying attention to the details that has kept the business viable all these years, said Schuler. It doesn't hurt that all three generations of Schuler's have been adept at changing with the times while keeping the traditions in place, according to the many comments they have received from their guests, he added.

Giving back to the community has been a hallmark of the four generations of Schulers. Founding father Albert was first a deputy sheriff and then sheriff of Calhoun County in the '30s. Win Schuler, the son, spent many years promoting Marshall and the state of Michigan as a tourist destination, Hans Schuler has spent over 25 years on the AAA of Michigan Board of Directors, two of them as chair. Fourth generation son Larry Schuler, recently completed a stint as chairman of the Michigan Restaurant Association as did his grandfather in the 1970s.


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