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Marshall Ghost Tours

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  • Date: Nightly - 364 days a year by reservation only
  • Fee: Walking Tour - Adults $25.00; Chidren 6-12 $15.00; Children 5 and under FREE; Carriage Tour - Adults $45; Children $25; Children 5 and under FREE
  • Website: Visit website
  • Contact: Call 269 781-8818

Take a leisurely 90 minute stroll by some of Marshall's most haunted homes and buildings to hear the stories of a past untold until now! You will be amazed at how many of our charming streets posses more than the daylight hours can show. This is certainly a part of Marshall's past that you won't want to miss so be sure to bring along your camera!

There are so many tales from beyond that you are certain to have a evening full of story telling and intrigue compliments of our knowledgeable and friendly guides. For walking tours, please dress appropriately!

Nightly carriage Ghost Tours are also available.


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