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One of three Gothic Revival schools built in 1860, Capitol Hill School is the only survivor. It was built by the citizens of Marshall on land adjacent to the area intended as the site for Michigan's state capital.

This two-room schoolhouse served the city for 101 years. Deactivated in 1961, it was sold to the Marshall Historical Society in 1968. Since that time much restoration has been done. Capitol Hill School has been re-roofed, the building tuck-pointed, its surface ground and seal coated, and the trim painted. The bell tower, inspired by a photo of the school before the turn of the century, was reproduced as closely to the original as possible.

In 1972 it was listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is also listed on the Historical American Building Survey.

Inside the school, one room has been set up as a 19th century classroom. The other room is a museum for and about children including antique doll buggies, hobby horses, bicycles, dolls, toys and doll dishes.

One of the many unusual antiques displayed in the building is an antique marionette set and figures donated to the Historical Society by the Steve Trupiano family. Mr. Trupiano's grandfather, Frank Hinkle, constructed the set and Trupiano's grandmother, Julia, designed and made the clothes for the figures. The Hinkle's Automatic Theatre was restored a few years ago by Marshallite Jim Bryant. The unique marionette set was built shortly after the turn of the century and provided entertainment for hundreds of children and adults in that era prior to radio and television - it was even "reviewed" in the January 30, 1911 issue of the Marshall Daily News.

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