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  • Location: 614 Dibble

Many of Marshall's pioneers and founders are buried at Oakridge Cemetery: Sidney Ketchum, co-founder of Marshall, Issac E. Crary and John D. Pierce, innovators of the Michigan Education System, Adam Crosswhite, Samuel W. Hill, and Abner Pratt.

Marshall's FIRST cemetery was established back in 1832, occupying 3/4 of what is now a city block between Green and Hanover Streets West of the Fountain Circle. The cemetery location was changed in 1839 to its present location and the graves moved in 1840.

A chapel was built at the new location in 1908 which was used until the 1960s. The stones used for its construction were acquired from a bridge which crossed the Kalamazoo River which was located south of the Brook's Fountain on South Kalamazoo Avenue after it was damaged by flood waters.

This website's Events Tab gives information on an annual guided walking tour which takes place each October known as "If These Stones Could Talk..." Actors portray seven significant persons from Marshall's past at each of those individual's gravesites at Oakridge Cemetery.

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