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  • Hours: Lights Year Round; Water flows from May to September

On Saturday, May 16th, 2009, Marshall's Brooks Memorial Fountain was turned on for the first time the spring after undergoing an extensive restoration with funds raised in 8 months by the GIFT Committee (GIve to the Fountain Today).

The white pillared fountain gracing the center of the West-end park was a gift to the town by its revered citizen and patron Mayor (1925-31) Harold C. Brooks in memory of his father, Charles Esselstyn Brooks. It was so dedicated by him on April 26, 1930.

Mr. Brooks chose Howard F. Young, of Kalamazoo, as the architect. His design for the fountain followed closely that of "The Temple of Love" in Marie Antoinette's garden in Versailles a beautiful example of classic Greek Doric design.

By 1976, the fountain was in critical need of repair. Noting this, the Bicentennial Committee of the Marshall Area Chamber of Commerce decided to undertake its complete restoration. Their project met with instant approval and the town responded generously to their appeal for financing. In less than two months the cost of restoration was insured.

The re-dedication took place on July 4th, 1976 and once again the hand of 91-year-old Mr. Brooks threw the switches as he had done forty-six years before to send the crystal jets of water cascading to the tops of the surrounding trees.

With its 96 color variations of red, amber, blue, green and white; with its center spray rising to a majestic height of thirty feet, the Brooks Memorial Fountain is a cherished symbol of the community.

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