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  • Location: 323 W Michigan Ave
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Information acquired from an article written by Mr. John Twist, July of 2008.

Southwest of the Fountain Circle, this stone barn built in 1856 operated for six years as a livery stable and station for a stagecoach company. It was later used as a blacksmith's shop and for a short time a wagon works. The citizens of Marshall purchased the "Old Stone Barn" in 1929 with the intention of converting it into a Town Hall.

"For several years prior to its acquisition by the city, it was used as a gasoline filling station and for automotive storage. With the growing sentiment for a more beautiful Marshall, its latter day appearance was a blot on an otherwise attractive town square."

H.C. Brooks was so appreciative of the community's support of the restoration, he undertook to further improve the old "Courthouse Square" with the erection of an illuminated fountain which was completed in 1930. He had a "small pool which had been there about 50 years replaced by the illuminated fountain, and in grateful memory of the loving kindness of his father, Charles E. Brooks, and his many sterling qualities, (he) chose to mark the fountain with his name."

The buiding is presently undergoing rennovations to convert the first floor into a visitor center and home of MAEDA (Marshall Area Economic Development Alliance) where the Chamber of Commerce, City of Marshall, DDA and Main Street and Industrial Developement employees are all housed to provide the best assistance possible. 

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