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American Museum of Magic

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  • Location: 107 E. Michigan Ave.
  • Hours: Open seasonally Apr & May/Sept & Oct, Thr-Sat 10-4, Sun 12-4; Jun - Aug, Tue-Sat 10-4
  • Fee: Adults: $5.00; Seniors/Children: $3.50; Under five years: Free
  • Website: Visit website
  • Contact: 269.781.7570

An amazing collection of memorabilia of magic from around the world. The museum includes 587 showbills, 2,009 heralds, handbills, and window cards and over 5,000 programs, 10,000 books, 24,000 magazines, 46,000 photos and many letters of correspondence. There are many hundreds of other small items such as magic sets, performer's scrapbooks, and apparatus from magic shows. This includes the "Milk Can" and "Overboard Box" escape equipment used by Houdini himself!



The Lund Family
Could this building have once been a bakery as local legend pretends? Surely this perfect example of Midwestern Victoriana was meant to house the largest publicly displayed, privately owned collection of magic in the world. Bob Lund and his wife Elaine silkscreened those posters in the window just as they renovated the entire 130-year-old structure. Assisted by their daughter Susan, their years of work shine in the gleaming wood floors, display cases, and woodwork throughout the building. Shortly after the Museum opened in the spring of 1978, the town awarded the Lunds a silver cup out of appreciation. One year later, the state of Michigan also bestowed honors on the exhibition hall.

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