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Historic Barton Theatre Organ

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  • Location: 150 W Michigan Ave
  • Hours: Mechanically played upon request, personal performances tba
  • Fee: Free
  • Website: Visit website
  • Contact: 269 781-5923

In 1978 Penny and Mike Kinter, owners of The Mole Hole, added a unique attraction to their beautiful gift store. An organ was located in Marshall's Garden Theater (present home of the Garden Theater Shops) back in 1927. The Garden Theater changed hands and the organ left Marshall for awhile. Back in 1977, the Kinters were able to buy it and bring it back home to Marshall for the enjoyment of everyone.

In its new home in The Mole Hole, the Barton Theater Organ was played for many years only when an organist was available. In 1988, a player mechanism was added so that visitors can hear it upon request as the Kinters can play it at any time. The pipes are housed in a room behind the swell shades and can be viewed through a glass door.

Scott Smith is their staff organist. He lives in Lansing, Michigan and has his own organ building and restoration business. He maintains the organ at the Mole Hole and plays it on many occasions throughout the Fall. Scheduled playing times will be announced on the Events Calendar on the Chamber website, or you call call The Mole Hole at 269 781-5923 for more information.

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