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The Stagecoach Inn is recognized as one of the outstanding examples in Michigan of the Greek revival architecture in America. Built in 1838, it stands directly on the famous Territorial Road which followed Indian trails from Detroit to Chicago. As always, a cordial welcome awaits you here!


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BUILDING HISTORY The corner of Eagle and "State" street (now Michigan Avenue, has an extensive history. As early as 1836, shoes were being sold at that location. It was around 1850 when the building was converted into a hotel. A saloon was later added around 1857. The hotel went through many owners and name changes including the Central Railroad Eating House, the Michigan Central House, the Johnston House, the Fowler House, and the Tontine Hotel which held until 1908. After two fires and a new owners, it was renamed Friend's Inn. One more fire and a new name, the Burton Hotel. Albert Schuler acquired the property in 1920 and named it Hotel Albert. In 1929, the building was acquired and restored by Harold Brooks and named the Marshall Tavern. In 1951, the building was renamed the Stage Coach.

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