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Creative Dance: Creative Dance improves young childrenís balance, coordination, self-esteem, social awareness, and much more through various activities to help create a positive and fulfilling dance experience. Class Structure: Each class starts with a warm up in the center with their instructors to get them stretched and ready for more activities. Each level of creative dance has short choreographed dances that students will learn throughout the year. Although students will be learning many dance steps, creative classes are not focused specifically on one genre. Activities will vary from tip toeing across the balance beam, to turning across the floor with a big ball, to simply following the leader and learning to move with a partner. All of these dances and activities help the dancers grow and express themselves through dance. Creative Dance - 2 1/2 - 3 years Creative II - 3 1/2 - 4 years Creative Ballet - 4 years Creative Fives - 4 1/2 - 5 years *Approximate starting ages

Ballet: Ballet promotes better posture and alignment of the body by increasing the dancerís awareness through specific exercises and movements. The art form also focuses on improving flexibility and poise while toning and sculpting muscles. Ballet is the foundation for all dance forms.

Jazz: Jazz is more upbeat with faster movements. Typically at The Repertoire, jazz incorporates big jumps, turns, and high energy. It also improves flexibility and endurance.

Hip Hop: Hip hop is a newer style of dance and is a bit more ìfunkyî than jazz. Movements are usually more loose and grounded opposed to jazz which is more upright and focused on high kicks and jumps.

Modern/Contemporary: Modern dance rejects many of the strict classical ballet techniques. The dance form is more internal and relays a story or message to the audience. Dancers should feel weighted and connected to the floor, unlike ballet which tries to defy gravity with grace and beauty. Modern/contemporary is growing in popularity each year, and allows students to express themselves through dance.

Tap/Clogging: Tap is mostly focused on technical and quick movements of the feet. It challenges dancers mentally and physically while creating muscle memory and coordination. Clogging is more ìcountryî with a little bounce and swing.


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